Reliable connections for animal nutrition


Our agricultural supply chain solutions explore what’s possible across key industries

We work with most agribusiness products. However, the synergy and opportunities of the agri-food sector have received our special dedication. We actively participate in the animal nutrition segment, selling essential ingredients for food, adding value for producers and consumer industries.


Infinity AgroCommodities International works with products from the agribusiness sector, especially feed ingredients from South America. Our greatest differential lies in our extensive knowledge of the market.

We have an extensive and comprehensive global network, which allows us to establish solid connections in various parts of the world.


Sustainability is a fundamental value that permeates all our operations and business decisions. We are committed to playing a positive role in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

Responsible sourcing: We work with producers and suppliers who follow sustainable agricultural practices.

Reducing environmental impact: We use efficient logistics practices to reduce carbon emissions.

Multi-origin trade

Infinity AgroCommodities International has the capacity and flexibility to do business in different geographical areas. Our goal is to take advantage of market opportunities to bring our clients the best solutions.

We work with raw materials from various regions of South America. In this way, we provide diversified product options in order to mitigate risks related to seasonality, climate or political events.

WE offer safe, sustainable
nutrition to the world.